Furniture plan

Residential Project- Ain Tineh , Beirut- Lebanon

In this project, I have tried to create various furnishing modes for the client to discover all applicable options. The furnished areas are dinning room, Salon, living area and office desk as well as the curtain glazed balcony.

Option 1:

The dinning area is a simple rectangular table for 10 persons.

The salon area includes two identical ones facing each other, each salon area includes a 4 seated couch on each side of it one seated arm chair. The two areas are placed in a way to allow a passage from the main entrance to the balcony without any interruption.

The balcony is furnished as to have variety.

The Living Area has the capacity of seating up to 10 person, knowing that close friends and family enjoy their meetings in this area.

Option 2:

The salon in this option is more of a welcoming one, the passage to the balcony is not straight yet very comfortable from behind the 3 seated couch. In this option one would enter to the salon and see the whole area right in front of him.

The living area, has an L-shape allowing more comfort and a cozy  family space.

option 3:

This salon was finished according to pre-existing furniture that would be modified and renewed. The space here consumed in a comfortable functional way allowing visual clearance between entrance and balcony yet passage has to be through or around the salon to access balcony.

All three options as per furniture plans are applicable yet it is the clients life style and comfort that get to decide which is to be applied.