Doha Hills Apartment

Located in Doha Hills – Aramoun the apartment was renovated with simplicity and average budget. The whole ambiance has been ultered to suit the clients comfort and maintaining high taste in colors and materials.

Entrance : Wood wall cladding painted beig color, with secret doors to guest bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms lobby.

Living area and Dinning: A Swivel TV unit has been created to separate two zones yet serve both zones as for TV audience. The wood TV unit was painted as adjacent walls to keep it light. Paint patterns were applied to main walls in the area, keeping the use of color limited to natural bieg and grayish beig gradients , it was also used for furniture fabrics. Taking into consideration that the clients were at the mid 50’s color choice was critical to them.

Apartment on site work started early June finished Mid July. Photos of the apartment will soon be published.