3D rendering of a chocolate shop

This store is located in Beirut, Lebanon.  A chocolate shop in which the ID wished to create the melange between the traditional Lebanese architecture reflected in the stone arcs and the modern trend that is White painted wood (laque) , white… Continue reading

Things Worth Paying For as a Freelancer by James Parsons

A freelancer, like a baker, needs a few essential tools with which they create their products and use in order to offer their services. Instead of pots, mixing bowls, spoons and an oven,… Continue reading

Furniture plan

Residential Project- Ain Tineh , Beirut- Lebanon In this project, I have tried to create various furnishing modes for the client to discover all applicable options. The furnished areas are dinning room, Salon, living area and… Continue reading

An Ex-Pixar Designer Creates Astounding Kids’ Book On iPad by JOHN PAVLUS

“The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” is like a well-written bedtime story and an immersive animated movie at once. E-books are already a fraught subject for many readers, writers, publishers and… Continue reading


The joy of a private office—it’s something 89% of senior managers in the U.S. have celebrated. Soon after, though, there’s the realization that the space feels cut off from the action. At times,… Continue reading

How to Hire the Designer by Stacy Miles

How to hire the designer Working with a design professional isn’t as mystifying as it seems. Designers will arrange a consultation and work with you on the scope of your job, your budget… Continue reading

Interior Architect

I’m an interior architect interested in exploring new paths for variable projects. Sharing different types of projects, personal or other, brings forward new architectural perspectives.